About Me

"I love spending time by the sea and I basically need to eat chocolate everyday."

I am a lifestyle photographer capturing portraits, landscapes, events, weddings and commercial projects on the Isle of Wight. The Island completely inspires me daily and it is definitely home. 


My passion is being able to capture moments in people's lives, giving them loving memories to cherish. I always feel so privileged to be involved in my client's stories of love and special times.

I love natural light photography and my approach to my work is to try and be as spontaneous with the shots as I can, as they make the best pictures and memories to cherish. I try to make my photography very candid and more about visual story telling. I want to get your life moments.  I love it when it all goes wrong or someone has got the giggles. It gives life and depth to the shot. 

If there is any information that I have not listed or you are looking for a bespoke session do get in contact for information and prices.